The College Planning Experts

The College Bound Resource Center was developed to reduce the stress and anxiety many families are feeling today as they start to prepare their students for college.

Students and parents are both confused and overwhelmed with this process and the financial burden their children will face in the years ahead. We know students are facing tuition costs of $100,000 and more if they plan on getting beyond a bachelors degree. This financial burden will be devastating if not planned for properly.

Our single goal, purpose and mission is to help families through this process, give them a single point of entry, and step by step instructions on exactly what they should be doing. If we are to survive financially and emotionally through this event we must plan, prepare and help our children as best we can.

Our process is designed to:

  1. Reduce the cost of college for parents and students
  2. Simplify and clarify the process of college & career selection
  3. Determine the most cost effective strategies available to pay for it
It's never too early to start planning for college expenses We can help you prepare for college Teach your children good financial habits Our advisors can help you and your children succeed